Posted by James Weis

A story out of Hueytown, Alabama is now going viral after the kind acts of a police officer from the local department. Cpl. Sebastian Goldman from the Hueytown Police Department was shopping at his local Food Giant store earlier this month when he noticed a teenage employee. The 19-year-old, who was helping the officer, had duct tape wound around his worn down shoes.

The teenager was helping the officer, who was at the store buying food for jail inmates, load up his car with groceries. According to officer Goldman he stopped and asked him about the duct tape? “is that something all the kids are doing? A fashion statement?” However, the duct tape wasn’t a fashion statement, the cop discovered that the teen’s shoes had split when he was working. However, the teen didn’t have enough money for a new pair. He said he had taped together the shoes to get him through until pay day, when he could buy a new pair of shoes.

When the police officer left the store and rain started pouring down, he became concerned that the teen would have to walk home with the taped up shoe. On his way out, he asked the teen for his shoe size. After he left, he bought the young grocery store worker a brand new pair of shoes, out of his own pocket. The officer returned to the store later that day to deliver the shoes to the teenager. The kind gesture was documented by Angela Roach Scory, who shared the story and the good deed over Facebook, the small, yet kind gesture quickly went viral.

The teen, who has asked to remain anonymous, was extremely grateful for the officer’s kind act. According to the young store employee he shook the officer’s hand and thanked him repeatedly for what he did.

According to the young grocery store worker, he was in complete shock with the cop returned. The officer reportedly said “I didn’t know if payday was Friday or two weeks from now.” The teen responded and said “What do I owe you?” The officer’s response was a simple one, “just pay it forward” he said. According to Facebook poster Angela Roach Scory, everyone at the store was in tears when watching the interaction and the kind gesture. The story has already been shared thousands of times and is inspiring, not only the teen, but others reading the tale to “pay it forward” themselves.


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