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Baltimore-based BARCS Animal Shelter posted a 15-second video of one of their vet-techs showing just 15 seconds of compassion, and the video has already taken off and become a viral sensation; proving that the smallest acts really can have the biggest impact.

Yesterday, the animal shelter posted the 15-second clip of one of their vet techs, carefully rocking a small puppy after she underwent surgery. The puppy, named Meesha, is just a few months old. She was undergoing a routine spade surgery at the shelter before she was made available for adoption. When she awoke from the surgery, she was overcome with fear after waking up from the surgery.

According to the other star of the video, BARCS surgical assistant, Dennis Moses, “If you’ve ever had surgery, you wake up, and you’re not sure where you’re at. It’s a scary thing, even for dogs and cats, especially being in the shelter and being that young.”

The video was posted here at the shelter’s official website.

The clip not only caught the attention of nearly 1 million viewers, but it also caught the attention of The DoDo, who quickly followed up with the vet tech to hear all about the heart-warming tail.

In the video, young Meesha cries out in confusion after waking up following her anesthetic state. Moses eases the whimpering dog’s pain by holding her close and singing softly to her. According to Moses, he was singing a children’s song called Ten Little Froggies.

Much like many of the dogs that come through the Baltimore city shelter, the staff has no idea where Meesha came from, or why she ended up in the shelter at such a young age. The shelter takes in nearly 11,000 animals every year. Some are strays, some are surrendered others have been rescued from a situation of abuse and neglect.

The good news for Meesha is, all of this is behind her now. She was not only taken in by BARCS and provided with the care and medical attention she needed, but according to the shelter, she has also already been placed in a forever home.

While Meesha has found her home, there are still hundreds of other homeless dogs and cats waiting at the open-intake shelter. While they are still waiting to find their forever homes, they luckily have the care and support of Moses and the staff at BARCS ready to give them the love and support they need until they can find a family of their own to give them the love they desire.


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